Logistics Company


Automating Bank and Wallet Reconciliation at Leading Logistics Company.

The logistics company provides courier delivery services and performs reconciliation for different processes like Cash on Delivery (COD), Collection & Wallet, etc.


The challenge faced by the team was reconciliation based on the Amount for Remittance cases where a consolidated amount was captured in the Ledger as compared to the multiple records in Bank Statements. Moreover, these transactions had no matching parameters for identification. There was a lot of effort spent by the team in identifying such records for reconciliation.

Another challenge was to process a large volume of transactions for COD & Wallet process; this had multiple vendor files & approximately 50-60k records within each file.

Our Solutions

QuickReco Tool performed end-to end automation which included the following:

  • The QuickReco tool addressed this issue related to complex matching without an identifier. It did so by providing a Suggestion based feature where the user is presented with all possible transaction matches based on the amount. The transactions can then be verified & marked as reconciled by the user.


  • Large Volumes of transactions are handled by the tool, which has substantially helped in reducing the processing and response time. Daily multi location collections (through cash and card) net off any returns and reconciling it to accounting records and customer records to ensure least friction to users’ whose needs are being fulfilled.